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How to Apply

The DAWRAK-Exchange Programme offers three traineeship modalities: Sending only, Twinning scheme and Journalist exchange. Please see below how to apply for: Sending only, Twinning scheme or Journalist exchange or go directly to the CSOs application  or Journalists application by registering first .

1. You search for and contact a Hosting organisation that accepts a trainee (the same applies for the Journalists exchange). In case you are applying for the Twinning scheme the Hosting organisation will send a trainee to do a traineeship at the Sending organisation.

2. The Hosting and Sending organisation can be member or non-member of one of the Anna Lindh National Networks . Make sure the organisations are registered in one of the Euro-Med countries Agree on the  exchange period and on the  projects that you will work on.

3. Applying for the traineeship must be done electronically, using the online application forms available in English, French and Arabic on .  Any application sent to the email of ALF Staff are automatically excluded from the call.

4. Register in the online system  An user name and a temporary password will be sent to your email account. Please change the temporary password.

5. Log-in and fill out  the online application after reading carefully the guidelines. Applications must be filled out in English, French or Arabic. Fill in all the paragraphs and upload  all the requested documents. Any missing documents  will compromise the evaluation and deny you the opportunity. Please save the draft regularly in order not to lose your data.

6. You need to comply to the time frame (from April to September) otherwise you will be disqualified.

7. Complete the online form to the 100% and press the submit button. Please note that only submitted and completed to a 100% applications (not drafts) will be considered by the Anna Lindh Foundation. You need to save the form before the submit button will become active.

8. Once you submit your online application, you will receive an online confirmation to your email address that your application has been successfully submitted. If you do not receive such confirmation you should immediately contact the technical support: to investigate the reasons for the technical problem.

If you encounter any technical problems related to the online application, please contact immediately the technical support at


It is strongly recommended that the applicant keeps a soft copy of the content of the application for back-up in case of any loss of connection or power failure during the online application process.

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